Hello everyone!

Apocute is a website that is created by Apocope and Cute Mage to host the puzzles that they write together.

As we post new things here, we’ll update this blog with our puzzles. Here is what we’re launching with:

  • Cryptics - We’re launching with two cryptics - Transformations and 5 Word Alphabet. Transformations is a fairly normal variety cryptic for a very important reason, and 5 Word Alphabet is a cryptic that came from a very strange puzzle game.
  • Extravaganzas - We’re launching with one extravaganza - Fantasy Baseball. The extravaganza has some straightforward puzzles in it, but the meta is significantly trickier.
  • Gridded Puzzles - We’re launching with three grids - Heat Rises, Wedding Criss Cross, and Wedding Split Crossword. Heat Rises was written for a summer picnic, and is a variety waterfall puzzle. The Wedding puzzles were in the book of puzzles that we wrote for our wedding, and are both standard examples of the puzzle type.
  • Other Puzzles - We’re launching with one puzzle that doesn’t fit into any of the three previous categories - Happy Pi Day!. This was a puzzle that was written for a Boston Mini Con in 2017 which took place the day before Pi Day.

For each of the puzzles, we have:

  • A PDF version of the puzzle - When it makes sense for the puzzle.
  • A Google Sheets version of the puzzle - We at Apocute really believe that whenever possible, there should be a Google Sheets version of the puzzle in order to facilitate co-solving. For some puzzles, figuring out how to organize yourself is part of the puzzle, but for most puzzles, it makes sense to give you the data in a spreadsheet.
  • Hints - For many of the puzzle types we write, it can be hard to figure out how to start or how to get yourself unstuck. We try to provide pointed hints for anyone who is working and just doesn’t know what to do.
  • Solutions - Part of the fun of a puzzle is checking your work to see how you did. We’re providing full solutions for each of our puzzles.

Right now we don’t have an answer checker built in, but that is a thing that is on our list of stuff to add.

Welcome, and we hope you enjoy your time here!