In addition to puzzle writing, I write RPG materials and dabble in game design.


  • Escape the Eldritch Garden and Podcast this Escape - This is an audio escape room that I created and then ran for the hosts of Escape this Podcast. Feel free to listen to the podcast, then grab the notes and run the room for your friends!
  • Difficult Choices - This was my regular crossword debut, and was written for The Inkubator! You should totally subscribe, and you can request my old puzzle to be emailed to you from the archives. My puzzle is called Difficult Choices and was published on March 5, 2020.

RPG Writing

  • Pathfinder #140: Eulogy for Roslar’s Coffer (backmatter) - I wrote the Melacage, a giant incorporeal undead ball of confusion and depression.
  • Paizo Unchained - This was a joke scenario I wrote for April Fools 2017 where you fight against various members of the Paizo staff.
  • Everyman Minis: Magus Arcana - I was asked to come up with more magus arcana, a topic that has been covered a lot in a lot of different places. I found a ripe place to dig for interesting designs - asking the magus to use different weapons.
  • Everyman Minis: Alchemical Power Components - This document contains more ways to use your alchemical items to power up spells. This includes the famous vomit sphere.
  • Everyman Minis: Esoteric Implements - This document contains more esoteric implements for the Occultist, expanding on a class with very few additional materials.
  • Redesign Rasputin Contest - This was a contest that ran on Paizo to redesign Rasputin using the Occult Adventures book that had just come out. I won with an absolutely ridiculous stat block, and this was the reason why I have a Gom-Gom avatar.
  • Villain Codex II and Villain Codex IV - This was a series where multiple different designers submitted villains to form a bank of statblocks for Game Masters. In II, I wrote Prof. Laeroth Rydel, the dorkiest dhampir occultist. In IV, I wrote Groulindar, an unfettered eidolon who is fighting for the freedom of other eidolons.
  • ToS 1-04 House of Mirrors - This is a module I wrote for the Legacies OP campaign, and was my attempt of making a Pathfinder murder mystery that works with the rules, as opposed to against them.

Game Design

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

  • PACG Open - No link currently, but I wrote the initial draft of the ACG Open for GenCon 2018.
  • Paizo Unchained - Written for April Fools 2018, this is an ACG Adventure where you square off against various members of the Lone Shark staff. There may be a puzzle in it!
  • ACG #5-4: Rise from the Wreckage - I wrote the story for this adventure and outlined the general mechanics which Keith implemented. This includes a scenario where all the locations are ships!
  • ACG #4-5: The Pactmaster’s Bargain - I wrote the story for this adventure and outlined the general mechanics which Keith implemented. This includes a scenario where you’re activating an ancient structure to get into a pyramid!
  • Friends and Enemies - This was a Paizo blog post where I walked through how I created a scenario in PACG. It’s fully playable in the Wrath of the Righteous Adventure Path!
  • Wayfinder #17 - In this fanzine, I created a hard mode for the Skull and Shackles adventure path.
  • Wayfinder #15 - In this fanzine, I created a short adventure for the Skull and Shackles adventure path meant to give you all the same rewards but in only 2 scenarios instead of 5.